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Do you want to be consistent? Well then I have to share something that could change the way you play forever....

See you can hit the ball AWFUL, have A GREAT short game and still score well. You can hit the ball great with a bad short game and score awful. Having a great short game is what keeps scores down on a consistent basis. 

Here is what you will learn:

  • How To Make A Lot More Putts

  • How To Stop 3 Putting (Or Worse...)

  • How To Read Greens Easily

  • How To Hit Chips Solid Every Time

  • How To Make The Ball Have Backspin

  • How To Make The Ball Roll

  • Lastly, How To Make The Bunker SUPER Easy

The Short Game is approximately 70% of yours score! If you want to shoot lower scores then. 

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